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Mac SQLite Manager Standalone App

Posted by on March 6th, 2010

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The nice folks from the sqlite-manager project (of the Firefox SQLite Manager Plugin fame) were nice enough to grace us with a XULRunner version of the addon. After much chagrin with having to launch this WONDERFUL tool from the command line *every time I wanted to run it*. Yes, I know I could have been a serious Mac user and crated an Automator script or an AppleScript for it...but I'm a little more hardcore (read: hard-headed) than that. On top of everything else, this app kicks serious ass when it comes to the world of SQLite on Macs. Everything else out there (even the really expensive paid stuff) just plain pales by comparison. Having this badboy as a standalone app is what I needed to feed my obsession.

I'm going to post a link below to the final product I came up with, but I will not guarantee or troubleshoot or maintain it. Why? Because I'm going to give you the actual instructions for how to do this process on your own. (Give a man a fish...) We're going to skip over what an app is on the Mac, because that's going to confuse you, and you've probably already read all of the ridiculous, incomplete instructions, just as I had. I got lucky when I figured this out and this blog post at 9PM on a Saturday night (get me a date...please?) is an attempt to document what I did.

  1. Download the xulrunner dmg and install. Currently you can find the xulrunner framework dmg here (but like all things Mozilla, I won't guarantee it'll be in that location in six months, but I will guarantee that they won't have 301'd (forwarded) the location).
  2. Download the sqlitemanager-xr package. Currently, version 0.5.13. Unzip it to a directory where you can find it. I just left mine in the Downloads directory, and it worked for me.
  3. Open a terminal window.
  4. [bash]/Library/Frameworks/XUL.framework/xulrunner-bin --install-app Downloads/sqlitemanager-xr-0.5.13/ /Applications

This will create a standalone Mac version of the SQLite Manger plugin for Firefox that we've all come to know and love in your Applications folder. Something changed between all of the instructions I found for xulrunner-bin 1.8 and 1.9. Previously, the instructions had you pointing xulrunner-bin --install-app at the ZIP file for the application. Being the resourceful, ingenious person I am (read: hard-headed), I started pointing xulrunner-bin all over the place. And bing-zow, I got a result.

Now, for the App package I created. I'm going to repeat this: I'm not supporting this, but I'm hopeful the instructions above will be helpful.

Download the SQLite Manager dmg here.


I finally got connected to my work computers. I am happy to report that the app does work on 10.5 (Leopard) PPC and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Intel -- If you install the xulrunner framework. If you have a 10.5 Intel and would like to let me know whether it works, leave me a comment below or hit me up on the Contact Page.

If you find this useful, in the least, please make a donation to the guys at the sqlite manager project, or...get me a date.